What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing art with roots in Japanese origin. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is a powerful natural healing method.

Reiki can restore and replenish vital energy to the body as well as balance energies at the
mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The Reiki system uses non-invasive gentle touch, accelerates the body’s natural healing process and can be used as self supportive tool to support healing on all levels. Reiki is accepted and utilized in hospitals, hospice, spas and wellness centers throughout the United States.

As with all other holistic healing modalities, Reiki is most effective with a consistent treatment program. Your body CAN heal itself. However, long term imbalances in the body may require multiple treatments to allow the body to reach the level of relaxation necessary to bring the body back into balance.

Who & Why

Anyone can benefit from a course of Reiki treatments no matter what your age or state of health.

The Benefits

There are many wonderful benefits of Reiki. It is a very simple process, but usually produces quite profound effects. The main purpose of a Reiki treatment is not only to support the physical body, but also to promote a positive mind so you can experience more joy in life.

The benefits of a Reiki treatment include, but are not limited to:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety
  • Improved Energy Levels and dissolve energy blocks.
  • Assisting the body in cleansing itself from toxins
  • Speeds up the natural healing process
  • Assists and supports the immune system
  • Clears the mind and improves focus as you feel grounded & centered
  • Helps with emotional cleansing and spiritual growth
  • Complements medical treatments for many chronic illnesses

What to Expect

Receiving Reiki from a practitioner is a simple process. The client lies fully clothed on a treatment table. The practitioner will gently lay their hands on the body in a series of hand positions on the head, torso, legs and feet. Sometimes the practitioner may hover their hands rather then touching. Each hand position is held for 3 to 5 minutes. The energy is drawn through the practitioner into the recipient, helping to produce a state of balance.

What you might feel

You may experience heat from the practitioners hands, tingling, a feeling of floating or sinking. While eyes are closed you may see vibrant colors . People report a range of sensations, such as happiness or giddiness, some people have an outburst of emotion and may laugh or cry, and some people feel nothing at all.

Most clients express a sense of relaxation and peace. The mind may feel calm and your physical body should feel relaxed. Reiki is so relaxing that sometimes clients may fall asleep during the session. These sensations are your body’s way of working out blockages. Regardless of your body’s individual response, you will still receive all of the benefits of treatment.

Potential Side Effects

  • Frequent urination and/ or bowel movements
  • Feeling emotional, emotional release, or emotional shifts
  • Crying for no apparent reason
  • Feeling on top of the world or buzzing with energy
  • Fatigue, feeling overtired, needing to sleep or rest
  • Sleeping 8 – 12 hours overnight
  • Tingling sensations
  • Feeling hot or cold
  • Skin detox symptoms such as blemishes or pimples
  • Random aches and pains that move throughout the body


  • Energy is shifting throughout your body and re-balancing
  • Cleansing Process has been triggered
  • Toxins are being released

How many Reiki Treatments do I need?

While one Reiki treatment will provide beneficial results for you, such as a sense of calm, peacefulness, and some short-term physical benefits, the best results come from having a course of treatments, usually 4-6 sessions at weekly intervals followed by periodic maintenance treatments.

The effects of Reiki build up cumulatively, having a course of treatments helps to produce long-term beneficial changes for you on many levels.