Catherine Coolidge MSN, APRN-BC

Catherine has been an employee of PMC Medical Group since 2004.  She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at the University of New Hampshire in 1994 and received her Masters degree in Nursing from Simmons College in 2003. Catherine has been working as a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner since 2004.

Health and wellness have always been a focus of Catherine’s.  Becoming a Registered Nurse and then a Nurse Practitioner was a great way to make health and wellness a reality.  She loves educating clients about their health.  She has an easy, approachable, comfortable manner that allows her to connect with her clients.  She feels trying to improve someone’s life whether it’s medically or cosmetically, the goal is the same.  Working at Pinewood Laser and Spa is just adding another dimension to this focus.  It is not just about looking better, it is also about feeling better and more comfortable with yourself.