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* Individual results may vary

A new dimension in body sculpting.

TruSculpt 3D is a non-invasive, permanent fat removal and skin tightening treatment that also reduces the appearance of cellulite. The treatment does not require any downtime!

You eat well and you exercise, but you’re still frustrated by problem areas on your body that you just can’t seem to get rid of. With truSculpt 3D, you can decrease circumference and diminish unwanted pockets of fat – and reveal the new figure you’ve been seeking. It’s a safe, effective procedure – with no surgery and no downtime.

* Individual results may vary

Common questions about truSculpt 3D

What is truSculpt 3D?
truSculpt 3D is a new, nonsurgical radio frequency device designed to sculpt and contour the body. On average, patients who’ve has this treatment have experienced an average of 24% reduction in fat thickness in a single treatment.

Am I a candidate for truSculpt 3D?
During your free consultation our truSculpt technician can tell you whether you’re a good candidate for truSculpt 3D. Ideal patients typically have a BMI of less than 30.

How long does a treatment take?
The length of your procedure will depend on which areas you’re having treated. As a gauge, it usually takes about 1 hour to treat the abdomen and both flanks (love handles).

How many treatments will I need?
You should see results after one treatment, although some patients choose to have a second treatment for final tweaks or to treat additional areas.

Will it hurt?
Patients tell us that the procedure feels like a hot stone massage. The handpiece will gently glide over the treatment area and the temperature of the skill will rise but should remain comfortable for the duration of the treatment.

Is there recovery time?
No. This is a noninvasive procedure and you’ll be able to resume your normal activities right after the treatment. You may feel some tenderness in the treatment area right after the treatment but that will go away within a day or two.

Are there any side effects?
You won’t experience any side effects except for the slight tenderness mentioned above.

When will I see the results?
Right after the treatment, your body will start to break down and flush out the remnants of the fat cells that have been treated, which begins the reduction in the treated area’s circumference. Every body is different, but most people see noticeable results 6-8 weeks after being treated.


“My truSulpt3D experience at Pinewood Laser & Spa was a pleasant one – prior to the appointment, at my consultation, the staff was very informative of what I should expect from the treatment, what areas I would benefit from getting treated, and giving me all the information I would need to make my final decisions. I ended up getting my lower abdomen and the fat under my bra strap treated during my 60 minute treatment. Treatment itself was mildly uncomfortable – this treatment uses heat to burn away fat – so it felt a bit like a sunburn, but nothing unmanageable. Once done, there was nothing else I needed to do, my skin was red for the remained of the day but was back to normal within 24 hours. As you can see in my photos, I saw results after my 6 week follow-ups. The bulge underneath my bra was significantly reduced along with the lower part of my belly. Certain pants were even fitting me better! Now that over 12 weeks has passed I have seen even more results. Without a doubt the truSculpt3D treatment worked for me.”


“I was very nervous about my first Trusculpt experience.  The staff at Pinewood Laser & Spa were so reassuring, knowledgeable and really took the time to explain what I could expect.  All of my questions were answered prior to treatment.  I am thrilled with my results and would highly recommend Trusculpt and Pinewood Laser & Spa to anyone.”


“The treatment was a breeze! I could feel the warmth, but there was little to no pain! I was able to go back to work after and go about my day as normal. Once I started seeing the results, I was very happy I choose to have it done!!”


“I have done my own research on body contouring. I could not be happier with my decision to go with these girls. What a Great Experience! The staff was awesome! From the day of my consult to the day of my treatment the they made me feel so comfortable. I am more then pleased with my results and I would recommend this treatment to anyone thinking about body contouring!”


“I am someone who tries her best to stay in shape and eat relatively healthy.  But I could never get rid of my little belly fat or what I absolutely hate the most is my above bra line area on my back.  So I decided to have the TruSculpt 3D procedure done at Pinewood Laser and Spa.  I have had many different services at Pinewood from laser hair/tattoo removal to mani/pedis and have had wonderful experiences so I knew with how nervous I was with getting this particular procedure they would make me feel as comfortable as possible, which they very much did.  The staff was wonderful and answered all my questions and took the time to explain the procedure and what to expect during and after.

There was some discomfort during the procedure, more on my back area above the bra line but nothing I couldn’t tolerate to make it through and Kelly who performed my procedure did a great job of keeping up conversation so the time didn’t drag on and I didn’t pay attention to the procedure.   After the procedure you definitely knew you had something done and there was some tenderness but all in all it was worth it for me since I feel I had great results from it.  At the 8 week mark both areas, lower abs and above bra line on back went down 1 ½ inches each.  Now this was with doing the same routine I did day in and day out prior to having the procedure so I knew it wasn’t because I was working out harder or eating better, it was my true results from the procedure.  If I had to do it again, I would and I would also recommend anyone else to do it if they have those stubborn areas that just don’t want to budge.”

Photos Below are Pre-Treatment & 12 Weeks Post-Treatment

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